Maternity Engagement Action and Baby Buddy are here to support you on your perinatal journey.

I don’t know about you but I’m a little bit worried about having my baby during this pandemic. Information, I mean real solid factual information about what is happening has been scarce. I am 6 months pregnant and I have no idea what it will be like when it is time for me to have my baby.

Having spoke to a few moms-to-be, the themes are the same for all of us – between quarantining, social distancing and hospital policies it is having an impact on our wellbeing.

A recent article here stated that most new and expectant mothers are feeling more anxious due to Covid.

But all is not lost there are some great resources that can help us new moms and moms-to-be navigate birth and parenthood during these challenging times.

The Baby Buddy App

Maternity Engagement Action based here in Birmingham is working with Best Beginnings a leading national charity promoting the Baby Buddy App. The app has great features and benefits for those (including me) on their perinatal journeys.

Here, moms from all different backgrounds have access to information from healthcare professionals and support with short films about how other women are experiencing the highs and lows of pregnancy and parenthood.

The resources are fantastic to help us keep in touch with the new ‘normal’. Sometimes information and support from an independent source can come in handy as a confidential listening ear without judgement.

Some of the features of the app include more than 300 short videos, Ask Me and the Crisis Messenger text support for women feeling particularly vulnerable. The benefits are that the baby Buddy app is around and available 24/7.

Other app features include:

· Ask Me – type in any question for your Buddy to answer with expert information

· Today's Information – Baby Buddy provides you with personalised daily information

· Bump and Baby Book – a diary where you can record your thoughts, feelings and photos throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born

· What Does That Mean? – find the meaning of pregnancy-related terms

· You Can Do It! – a tracker for your personal goals and achievements

Download the App you are pregnant, recently had a baby or are supporting a woman on her maternal journey the app is a great resource at all times.

Maternity Engagement Action (MEA) is an organisation based in Birmingham supporting local Black and Brown women along their perinatal journey.

COVID-19 has made it clear how stark the health disparities are for the wider communities of colour. MEA provides a safe space for black women to share their lived experiences and be engaged and involved with Maternity Transformation programmes.

Through the partnership with Best Beginnings so far Amanda Smith the Founder and Director of MEA has delivered 3 ‘We Are Here’ - Parent Champions workshops, creating a warm safe space for black women on their perinatal journeys to share their experiences of perinatal wellbeing during covid-19 and beyond.

“We’ve delivered birth art in the community as well as Perinatal Mental Health sessions for women in local venues. With the challenges of the lockdown and not being able to have face to face sessions partnering with Best Beginnings has opened up a number of support sessions that we want black women in Birmingham to be able to access.

1. Baby Buddy App -

2. We Are Here - black women’s perinatal mental health safe space -

3. Black women’s birth stories –

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get involved in the conversations and join any or all of the sessions being offered supporting women birthing in these challenging times.



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